Building and Installation

Building and installation is very simple given the prerequisites are met.

The AURA reference implementation CLI program is a single executable, and may be installed anywhere the user desires (preferably somewhere under PATH$).

Config and Build

The AURA CLI program itself is dependent on ANNEXI-STRAYLINE’s ‘ASAP’ AURA repository, however these required components are included in the AURA CLI repository as submodules.

1. Clone the repo and checkout submodules

git clone --recurse-submodules

2. Build it


The build script executes two steps:

  1. Runs a configuration Python script ( which generates the base AURA target platform configuration base files platform_info.h and These base files are used to configure AURA according to the target.

  2. Executes gnatmake -j0 to build the AURA binary in parallel


Additional features are planned to give the user the ability to set the target triplet to build the AURA CLI for cross-compilation targets.


Place the resulting aura executable where appropriate, typically somewhere under PATH$.